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[She was alone. Since she returned to this world - this life - she had been feeling strange. Everything was red, red as blood. She had been with these people for a while (some she already knew and some were new) but who she needed was missing. She then decided to find him, the gunslinger. Susan managed to escape without anyone noticing… It is true that the little fury creature saw her leaving but, thankfully, it did not say anything. As soon as she was all by herself, she met this very strange man. He was all dressed in black. They confabulated but the dialogue was not clear in her mind, he was full of tricks and spells. He is now gone, this man in black, but his presence still lingers. She continued to walk in order to find her beloved gunslinger.]




I like where all this is going and I’m all for it, but fair warning, I have not read The Stand yet so if I respond in the totally wrong way or miss some important point y’all are gonna have to help me out. I LOVE YOU ALL.

I’m just like eddie, but only with a little difference: I read it, but it was about 3 or 4 years ago :( I can’t completely recall what’s going on, so I may hang back of you guys for a while till I get The Stand and read it again.

One more thing: I don’t know where you all live but I’m in europe and there’s a little time difference. So if you need me anyway when it’s night in this part of the world, just pretend like Alain’s in his odd dreams again. Thanks!

Same situation as Alain (about The Stand, I mean).




Another female gunslinger! Such good news.

Long days and pleasant nights to you.

Don’t we have enough weapons? This might be a problem.

I happen to have one nickel-plated revolver and no bullets. 

Where are we exactly? There might be a village of some kind around here somewhere. Or things are even more different than they used to be?

[Susannah looks up at Aileen critically for a moment, and then her face softens into a smile. She sketches a gunslinger bow the best she can with her short legs.] Long days and pleasant nights to you as well. My name’s Susannah Dean.

Looks like we’re a bit short on ammo, but seein’ as we don’t know where ol’ pale and ugly is, we have time to figure a little something out. We’ll see if our gunna has any spare bullets to fit your revolver, an’ see if it fires.

As for whereabouts we may be, I’m sure I don’t know. Jake and Eddie say they aren’t sure either. It looks almost like how Roland described the Mohaine desert to us, but we’re not on the Path of the Beam, which I thought we were following. 

So your guess is as good as mine, sug.

[Eddie momentarily cringes as he hears Detta come out, but he knows she serves a purpose, and serves it well.]

Aileen, will your gun take these rounds? We have enough bullets left I think actually, just short on guns to fire em’.

Susannah is right, Jake and I are lost here. Do you know where we are? I haven’t seen Roland since his pretty little Susan showed up… [Eddie winks and grins.] But I’m pretty sure we’re in his world so I’m lost over here without the beam.

We have not met before, gunslingers. But I assume you are aware of my story.

I apologize for not speaking to you earlier.. I- I did not know how to do so.

Roland’s not here.

[One can clearly see how uncomfortable she feels.]

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Ka has brought us together once again… And still you’re not here.

Anonymous asked:
(Want me to fill you in about how the rp's been going?)

Please do so. I went through everyone’s blog and have a slight idea - not very clear though.

And today, once again, Thorin tried to get what he wanted. I hate him.


Susan Delgado. Wizard & Glass may be one of my favorite books of all time.


Susan Delgado. Wizard & Glass may be one of my favorite books of all time.